5 Easy & Fun Projects from Our students

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In the course of our various interactions with learners at STEM Academy.IO, nothing brings more delight for us than seeing our learners apply their creative juices to create amazing projects.

In this blog post, I will be showcasing some of the amazing projects created by our learners.

Some of our learners tried their hands on developing an application that can reduce the spread of the Corona Virus. Here are excerpts from the projects. 

It’s a drive full of engaging projects that make it easy to embed coding into your school curriculum, including reading, math, social studies, science, music, and art.

  1. Covid-19 Safe App by Al-Ameen 

This simple application was created using MIT App Inventor, this is a software used for mobile applications development. The app could perform several functions like give comprehensive information about what Covid’19 is, how to keep safe and a short quiz to test how much the user understands the information provided.

  1. Covid-19  Prevention app with Checklist by Janice Oshai

This app was created using MIT App Inventor. The application is very peculiar as it starts off with a list of checklist options and as you select Yes or No.

The app gives you a score that tells if you are in the danger zone of getting infected or not. It also gives some facts about the virus.

  1. Corona Virus Prevention with Tasklist App by Nathan Oshai 

This simple app provided a comprehensive list of action steps that can be taken to prevent the virus. The action steps can be scheduled and ticked off after carrying them out. This app serves as a reminder to ensure the user takes the necessary precautions against the virus.

Aside from the Covid – 19 prevention projects, one of our amazing students also worked on an animation project.

  1. Animation of the solar system by Simisola Ekisola

This is a simple animation that shows the solar system and how the planets revolve around the sun in an orbit.

  1. Ocean preservation game by Miradei Idigo

To preserve the ocean in line with United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 14 – Life Below Water. The student designed a simple game using Kodu Game Lab. In this game, a player is awarded points for clearing off debris in the ocean.

At StemAcademy.io we are committed to helping learners explore their creative abilities whilst providing meaningful solutions to social problems. 

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