AR (Augmented Reality) can be a hook to get students excited about the content, guiding them to ask more questions. Seeing and interacting with artefacts, animals, and more can boost students’ excitement level and foster collaboration with their peers, making content more meaningful and memorable.


  1. Merge Cube
  2. CoSpace Edu
  3. Assemblr
  4. Quiver Masks
  5. Narrator AR
  6. Wonderscope
  7. Augumented Classroom
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1. Merge Cube: Students can use the cube with the Merge Explorer, Object Viewer, or Museum Viewer apps to explore the water cycle, view fossils, examine rocks and gemstones, experiment with simple machines, and more. The cube allows students to virtually hold artefacts and objects in their hands. (Annual license fee is $995 for one class or $2,495 for a school.)

2. CoSpaces Edu: This tool allows students to not only explore AR but create their own experiences in any subject area. These experiences can be used with the Merge Cube or with a phone or tablet. Students can add audio, code characters and objects, and upload their own 360-degree photos or images into their project. (There is a free basic plan; premium plan pricing starts at $75 for five users.)

3. Assemblr: This tool empowers students to be creators of content as well as explorers. Students can dive into already created content, such as ocean animals, planets, symmetry, fractions, or even how to do exercises correctly. (There is a free basic plan; premium plan pricing for schools starts at $1 per user per month.)

4. Quiver Masks: A fun resource that allows students to create character masks to put themselves in the shoes of a particular animal or person in a story. For example, 3- and 4-year-olds can retell and record the story of the Three Little Pigs while using masks they have made. (Pricing varies by product)

5. Narrator AR: An app that gives students a place to practice their handwriting; the app launches letters off the virtual page. This helps to reinforce correct letter and number formation for our youngest students in a fun and interactive way. (Pricing varies by product)

6. Wonderscope: iOS-only app that allows students to interact with stories like “Little Red the Inventor.” (Each story costs $5.)

7. Augmented Classroom: This tool from CleverBooks is browser based; it lets students learn about plants and animals and explore the world. Students can explore and interact with a variety of activities, learn about curriculum, and check their knowledge on topics including geography, weather, geometry, and space. Augmented Classroom also allows students to collaborate and create with other students around the world. (Pricing “starts from less than 1 euro per user per month.”)

For more resources for pre-K to 12th-grade students, visit this site.

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