Data science is really a progression of three steps. We collect data, then analyze the trends within the data, and lastly, we make decisions based on the data. Data science is a process in which the goal is to make better choices. To make better choices, data should be collected to properly analyze the situation. Once the situation has been analyzed, then data scientists can make decisions to improve various outcomes.

1. Collect the data

Data can be collected using code from databases or by conducting new surveys.  Coding used for data collection can be vital in finding the right information.

2. Analyze trends in data

Once the data has been collected, it is important to visualize the data with pictures. That way, trends can be analyzed in the data to make decisions.

3. Make decisions from data

Visualizations should allow data scientists to recognize trends to predict the best courses of action for the future. Better decisions come from analyzing data.

What skills are required for data science?

The skills required for data science are programming, statistics, and communication. To be a data scientist, you will need to learn to write code, use statistics to analyze data from the code, and then properly communicate the information to stakeholders. Data scientists must be dynamic individuals with many talents. Data science is about the integration of skills, not just being an expert in one area.

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