Every day, we tend to be more dependent on technology, hence the need to be security conscious online. An important part of online safety is knowledge. The more you know, the safer you’ll be. In this post, I will be sharing 8 habits that will help you keep safe in cyberspace

Avoid suspicious links

Be wary of web links that are not secured. Before clicking on any links, confirm it’s the right link.

Use strong passwords

Do not use a single password for all your accounts in cyberspace. It is recommended to always change your password every three months. A password should be a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters. Avoid using your name, date of birth, and phone number as your password.

Keep personal information private

It’s advisable to keep personal information off the internet. Do not disclose your personal information over the phone or email. Emails and text messages can be masked to look like they are coming from a trusted sender when they are actually from someone else. Play it safe, do not send your personal information such as account numbers, social security numbers, passwords, etc. via email or texting.

Don’t download that file

Before you download any file or attachments in your email, hold a second, confirm if it’s from a known source to avoid downloading malware or viruses onto your computer.

Use antivirus

always ensure to use antivirus on your computer and make sure it is up-to-date as new viruses are being created every day.

Educate yourself on threats

There are numerous resources on the internet that can get you acquainted with threats

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