Humans are constantly in search of faster and more efficient means of travel. Over time, our means of travel have evolved, aided by innovations in technology. First, we walked to our destinations then we used animals such as horses and camels then transited to using bicycles cars, trains and aeroplanes. Who knows what the future holds for transportation with advancements in artificial intelligence and robotics.

Flying is a much better way to travel long distances compared to driving. Flight saves time, for example, A man wants to travel from Maiduguri to Lagos; by car, it will take about 10 hours if you keep at a speed of 100 k/mph. If travelling by plane it will take 1h 30mins. So flying with a plane will save 8h 30 minutes. As much as its benefits it has a major disadvantage, it costs a lot more to travel by air. Drone technology provides a means of achieving this advantage whilst minimizing costs especially for cities like Lagos that experience high traffic jams.

Dubai Test Drone Taxi – Courtesy of BBC

Drone technology can be used for activities that we would need expensive helicopters, planes, and cranes to carry out. Some of the activities that drones can be used for include photography, delivery, geographical mapping, rescue and wildlife monitoring. In photography, drones can be used at height in place of expensive helicopters or cranes. Another way drones can be used is to monitor wildlife. Poachers take animals from the wild to get things like horns etc. Drones can be used to tag animals with GPS (global positioning system) thereby enabling animal tracking and to count the population of animals.

My interest in drones was spurred when I watched a video about drones which I found very interesting. I read more and more about drones. I think my Dad noticed the interest and he decided to order a Tello drone for me from www.letslearn.ng. About a week later there was a delivery, it was my very own drone! I was very excited, but first I needed to learn how to code it. My dad took me to Brainiacs STEM & Robotics Innovation hub to learn how to code my Tello drone. There, I learnt how to code my Tello drone with scratch, I am currently learning how to program it with Python. With my current knowledge, I can program my drone to remotely move across locations. Brainiacs have inspired me to start a drone company when I grow up.

It is my vision to set up a technology company that will provide solution to my country. One of the major challenges affecting our mega cities is the issue of traffic congesting.

Courtesy TVC New

I hope my company can develop solutions that will help the movement of people and products. I hope we could make and sale drones, help in the delivery of equipment to remote areas, and also train people on drones technology.

Credit – Techwire Asia

From the way I see it, there a number of services I can offer in my company. It would be amazing if I could make a drone that could hover using a magnetic field. I would like to thank Brainiacs too for the support and mentoring provided in the innovation journey.

This piece is written by Muhammad M. I. Musa
(Corona School Ikoyi, Lagos)


  • Idris Gbadamosi says:

    Wow, this is really nice, good write and even greater vision, cannot wait to see this happen…

  • Zara says:

    Great article Muhammad. Wish you the best setting up your company

  • Hadiza Abba says:

    Wow! such a brilliant young man. MashaAllah. Our Nigerian Bill Gates in the making. With more of this, our future is for sure going to be in good hands insha’a Allah. Well done to Brainiacs for nurturing model young individuals and to his parents for their dedication and commitment in raising a bright mind. A school alone cannot achieve a well rounded individual but parents must also put in their quota in properly raising their wards. They should take the lead in identifying and cultivating their passions and interests and guiding them further to respond to the larger society’s needs. Congratulations to Muhammad and his parents. They are truly inspirational!

  • Mr Musa says:

    Amazing work. This amazing

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